the pitmaster

the meat

  • To achieve the best results in BBQ cooking, the best quality meats available must be used.  We use only Certified Angus Beef of Upper-Choice to Prime Grade.  Using this quality of meat is a little more difficult as far as being competitive in a price driven market, however we believe in quality over all else.  Our pork is also high quality and all natural.  We feel that using higher grade meats will set us apart and even above the competition.  We make no compromises when it comes to quality!

the wood

the spice


  • We utilize many different sources when it comes to buying spices.  This isn't the most economical approach to the food service business, but it allows us to get just the right flavors that we are known for.  We use seven different types of chiles, different grinds of pepper and fresh herbs to achieve what we feel is the perfect balance to round out the best BBQ available.
  • I cook all of the meats, pick all of the wood, select all of the spices and build all of the pits that are utilized to make the quality products that I am happy to put my  name on.  Every product that I sell comes from years of experimenting with everything I could get  my hands on.  I am happy to present my customers with the best BBQ available!
  • The type and age of cut wood is one of the most important ingredients in smoked meat.  After all, the meat basically marinates in the smoke for hours on end while it cooks.  Everyone has their own opinion on what the best wood to smoke meat is.  Around Texas you really have three main choices available; oak, pecan and mesquite.  Most cooks in West Texas lean towards mesquite because that is what they are used to eating in the local restaurants.  It is also the most affordable and available wood in this area.  I agree that mesquite has its place in great BBQ, I just don't feel that it is the best wood for all types of meats.
  • I believe pecan wood pairs very well with pork that has a sugar based rub, and mesquite goes really well with brisket tacos that have a complex chile and cumin based rub.  However, I feel that the best true BBQ comes from using oak wood.  The mild peppery smoke that oak provides really compliments the meat without overpowering the flavor of the meat.  We utilize all of the locally available woods to produce what we feel is the best smoked meats available!
  • I feel that everything that goes into making the perfect BBQ experience is important!  This means that the wood, spice, meat, pit and even the guy manning the pit has to be on the same page to produce the best quality, tasting and consistent BBQ every time.